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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Why Good Yoga Pants Are Essential For Practising Yoga!

By Sheryl Polomka

It is possible to practise yoga without a good pair of yoga pants, but you will find most serious yoga practitioners will not even practise unless they are wearing good, comfortable pants.

Women, of course, tend to me more fussy than men regarding their yoga apparel and if their pants don't give the perfect fit, they are not likely to wear them when practising yoga. This is why it is really important to get a great pair, that fit perfectly, and give the best comfort, right from the start. There is no point in spending lots of money buying pair after pair of cheap pants, only to find they aren't comfortable and you keep looking for another pair. Even though a good pair may cost a little extra up front, it will save you money in the long run as once you have them you wont keep buying new ones.

You should always consider both the quality and the fit of yoga pants when making your purchase. Always make sure that you try the pants on before purchasing them so that you know if they have that perfect fit or not. While in the fitting room you can even try a couple of bends and stretches to see if the pants move comfortably with your movements.

You may want to consider the fabric of the pants also. Some fabrics can make you feel itchy or irritated, so make sure that you buy pants that have a nice, smooth texture and feel good on your skin.

The shorter capri pants are also an option when shopping for yoga pants. These are particularly good in hot weather as they allow air to pass through and leave you free from perspiration.

A good fitting pair of yoga pants really is essential for practising yoga. If your pants are so comfortable that you don't even think about them, then your body and mind can be at rest allowing you to focus all of your energy on your yoga poses.