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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How To Lose Weight With Yoga - Melt Away The Fat

By Tracy Boseman

Yoga is an extremely healthy form of exercise to practice, but many people wonder if yoga can help them to lose weight. The answer to this, is yes. Weight loss with yoga is possible, and you can use yoga to not only lose pounds, but help maintain your weight as well. There is however, a bit of a catch if you are considering using yoga as a form of weight control.

Yoga itself is a great strength building form of exercise. It is also good for maintaining flexibility to your body. Given the nature of yoga however, it can often be difficult to obtain the raised heart rate that is necessary in order to actually burn calories and melt away fat.

If you want to practice yoga for weight control, it is important to note that you will need to perform a vigorous form of yoga, at least 90-minutes three times a week. Fortunately, there are various forms of yoga that you can try that are vigorous enough, including Ashtanga yoga and power yoga. You can also do your yoga routines in a hot room, such as a sauna, which will induce more of a sweat and raise your heart rate.

Once you decide to give yoga a try, there are different options available to you. You can try to locate a yoga studio in your area that offers yoga classes, or you can find a private instructor that will teach you the yoga style you are interested in. If there are no yoga studios or instructors in your area, or you are uncomfortable trying yoga in front of other people, you can also find yoga videos that you can play right in your very own home, which will teach you all that you need to know in order to successfully lose weight with yoga.