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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kundalini Yoga Helps Connect the Physical and Spiritual Self

By Anne Clarke

Kundalini yoga is a certain type of yoga that consists of specific movements. Its movements are often difficult and complicated. Like other forms of yoga, Kundalini should only be practiced by those that have been instructed properly. It is a difficult type of yoga, which a person may need to practice a lot in order to excel at it.

The word kundalini is a word that is from the language of Sanskrit. Sanskrit is a classical language that originated in the country of India. It is commonly spoken in India and Nepal and is used in Hindu religious ceremonies. As a result of yoga's roots being in and around the country of India, Sanskrit is also used to describe poses and elements in various forms of yoga.

In Sanskrit the word kundalini means life force. Literally translated the word kundalini actually means "that which is coiled." Many yoga practitioners refer to the kundalini as a serpent. The serpent in the body is also known as the person's life force.

Kundalini is a type of yoga that focuses on communication between mind and body. People who practice kundalini believe that such communication is important for physical and mental health. They also believe that this yoga will promote psychospiritual growth. That is why people who practice kundalini are masters of concentration. Concentration is essential for communication. It is the first step for connecting the physical and spiritual self.

The basic practice of kundalini yoga can be taught in a live class with an experienced instructor that is advanced in the practice of kundalini and other forms of yoga or on a video. Regardless of where or how it is taught, kundalini is somewhat complicated discipline. A basic class often consists of a series of bodily postures, movements and utterances. Like any form of yoga, proper breathing and concentration is important for success in each pose, posture and movement.

Besides the necessity of proper breathing and concentration, kundalini is a form of yoga that requires great attention to detail. The complicated movements and postures, or even the simple ones, should be done with care and extreme consideration of self, surroundings and great attention to detail and the body's movements. Kundalini yoga should not be practiced as a series of stretching or gymnastics types exercises, they are much more than that. Also, if the movements are not completed correctly the result can be injury, whether it is minor or severe.

Anyone can successfully practice any type of yoga. There are just different levels of difficulty for each type of movement, posture and position. Advanced students and teachers can help to tailor specific movements for different types of people. Supports can be added to help individuals that have injuries and movements can be modified for people that have a decreased amount of flexibility or strength. The trick is to ask for help to achieve yoga fitness goals. Other students and teachers are always glad to assist another yoga lover.