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Friday, April 24, 2009

Lotus Yoga

By Isha Dutta

Yoga is a unique way to clean one's mind and body. By carrying out the right way of yogic postures one would be able to attain a fit and fine body. There are various forms of yoga. Lotus yoga is one of the forms of yoga which consists of beautiful yogic postures that resemble the shape of the flower lotus. The lotus yoga is to be performed in a very comfortable atmosphere where the person can carry out exercises at ease. The platform on which the yoga should be done must be very supportive in nature. By performing this form of yoga you would successfully get rid of several internal diseases as well as from emotional or mental stress.

Lotus Yoga is quite easy to perform under proper guidance. One of the significant aspects of this yoga is that it is ideal for pregnant woman. Women who are in the prenatal stage and are preparing to give birth to a new life, the specific yogic postures would help to have a safe and healthy delivery. After the baby is born, new mothers can make a strong bonding with their baby by working out with the yoga exercises as well. The following are certain steps that are supposed to be taken up while under the lotus yoga regime.

Yoga is a natural way of detoxifying your body. You are required to be very careful while following a regular session of yoga.

• You are advised to eat at measured amounts. Have a light meal 2 hours before the commencement of the yoga.
• The yoga stresses on performance of the yogic exercises at a congenial atmosphere. You are recommended to buy lose fitting, easily stretchable and comfortable clothes.
• While doing yoga exercises one should lie or stand on a mat. There are mats that are specially designed for lotus figured asanas.
• You are also requested to drink ample water. Do not dehydrate your body by drinking less water as that would affect your health.

It would be ideal for you to be present at the site where you work out for yoga 10 to 15 minutes prior to the on start of the exercise session. The yoga would help you to attain flexibility, strength, relief from pain, high energy level boost, proper maintenance of cardiovascular system of the body, management of stress, toned muscles. One would also enjoy a perfect mental balance with improved focus and relaxed mind.