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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yoga Breathing Is Feeling The Source Of Life

By Rose Windale

Breathing is the source of life, and in yoga, breathing is everything. When you say you "breathe", it is actually more than inhaling oxygen. More than inhaling and exhaling, breathing is a way of restoring balance and cleansing the body. And then again, there is a proper way, and an improper manner of doing it. In order to gain optimal results from breathing, you ought to know how to do it correctly. In the same manner as with other things, it takes time to learn proper yoga breathing. Gaining better know-how of a technique does not happen quickly. The following pointers, however, can guide you through basic yoga breathing exercises.

First there is the Kapalabhati, which is a basic technique. This method allows you to breathe in order to purify the body. In the Kriya method, there are six practices, and the Kapalabhati is one of them. In this practice, your breath is short, strong and fast. The organ primarily involved- the lungs- acts as a pump which expels waste from itself. You breathe deliberately fast, coming from your stomach and not from your chest. Another yet fundamentally important technique is to breathe through the nostrils alternately. You breathe through one nostril and then you hold your breath. Then you exhale through the other nostril.

It's inhale-hold-exhale with the ratio 2:8:4. The Brahmari breathing technique on the other hand is not used as often. You partially close the glottis while inhaling through both of the nostrils. The lips are closed causing the palate to vibrate because of the nasal airflow. Sithali, Sitkari is a technique rarely used. This yoga breathing technique works in a different manner. You stick your tongue out a bit. Then you softly curl the sides of the tongue up. Inhaling in this technique is done through the mouth. Yoga is a combination of exercises done with breathing. Fundamental to these breath exercises are yoga exercises.

One is not without the other. In any type of session, the fundamentals of breathing are taught. Breathing is the source of life, and this is one of the central focuses of yoga. Where you feel life and let it move through you and in you. With regular yoga practice, you experience inner cleansing. And you begin to gain equilibrium or balance. This is the importance of yoga as a spiritual practice. It greatly aids in healing and relaxation. You tend to yourself holistically- mind, body and spirit. For boosting and enhancing the total person, yoga is a recommended practice.

Many people have proven how it is beneficial for stress relief and relaxation, and even for weight loss. Even more so, you get to nourish your inner self- you get more in touch with yourself. And as you do, you gain better awareness of what is around you. You can learn about this holistic practice from online and offline sources. You can also opt to enroll in a health center offering similar courses, or else you can ask for the guidance of an expert.