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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yoga For Conception

By Kyle Redding

Most people who practice yoga have the goal of increasing their physical, mental, or emotional health. It's a great way to relieve stress, and definitely a great way to relax. Becoming more flexible, developing awareness of the body, and improving muscle tone or posture are also good reasons to practice yoga. Lots of people out there practice yoga to heal injuries of the past or present physical pain. Many others are seeking inner peace, clarity of the mind, and a balance between their emotions. It's a means of transformation that supports self-growth and change.

Yoga is derived from ancient Buddhist and Hindu practices that essentially are different forms of meditation that bring one into an altered state of consciousness, or meditative state, by several different breathing rhythms and postures. The goal of yoga in spirituality is the liberation from earthly suffering and the birth/death cycle. This is called Moksha. For Hindus, this means to spend eternity with their god, Vishnu.

Spiritual growth, physical healing, and just plain exercise are all good reasons to use Yoga. What about for conception? The most natural thing in this world is becoming a problem for many people. Almost 15% of couples in the U.S. have problems with fertility. With increasing rates of infertility, more and more people are seeking the help of professionals. There are billions spent in the pursuit of conception these days. In fact, fertility treatment alone is said to be a two billion dollar per year industry in America. For every problem there is a solution, and for every solution, there is an alternative.

There are many Yogic poses that are supposed to help increase fertility. Traditionally, yoga is said to decrease sexual energy, transforming into readily available energy for self-realization. However today, many Americans use yoga practices to help with infertility, and increase the chances of pregnancy. Yoga for conception may or may not be for everyone. For whatever reasons, many women may not like the idea of joining a yoga class. Yoga doesn't have to be in public. All the practices of yoga can be learned and performed right at home.

There are plenty of ways to increase fertility, but many of them will cost an arm and a leg.

With yoga, you can learn to "convince" your body that it's ready for pregnancy. Many of the benefits of yoga will transfer into a healthy pregnancy, and a healthier you.