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Saturday, May 23, 2009

5 Yoga Routines For Your Body

Yoga is another routine that you can adopt to keep yourself healthy and fit. With yoga routine you will not only ensure health and fitness but you will feel refreshed as well. It is common for most of us to put on weight by staying inactive or to put it simply leading a less active life. It is for this reason that exercises are there so that one can stay fit and healthy and lead an active life.

Although, most of us hate to exercise not only because we don't have much time but it leaves it sweaty and tired. If you feel this way then the best alternative is to include yoga routine in your daily life. Yoga routine will make you feel fresh and your mind at peace. You can perform a yoga routine of 15-minutes long and feel the difference.

Given below are some yoga routines that will also help you increase flexibility.

1. Janushirsasana: Start by sitting on floor with the legs in front of you and straight. Now bend your left leg such that foot's sole rests on inside thigh of the right leg. When done, bend forward with your arms raised and hold the right foot toe with both the hands. Bring your face as closer to it as you can and hold the position for a minute before returning to original position. Perform same for the other leg.

2. Shalabhasana: Start by lying flat on belly on the floor. Make sure that your arms are at the side. By balancing on the lower belly part, lift your arms, heads, legs and torso off the floor. Hold this position for one minute before gently returning to original position.

3. Dhanurasana: For this you have to lie flat on floor on belly. Now bend the knees and using your hands reach to reach back, get hold of the ankles. Now pull the legs up with the hands holding the ankles and lift the torso and head up. Stay in this position for one minute before gently returning to original position.

4. Halasana: For this lie on the floor on your back. Now try touching the tip of the floor that is above the head by lifting hips and legs and swinging them over to do so. Hold this position for one minute.

5. Shavasana: Lie on the floor on your back and close your eyes. Let your body feel weightless at the same time breathe slowly and deeply. Relax yourself by staying inthis position for one minute.