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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bikram Yoga Can Assist Your Healing Progress

By Dennis Francis

I've been moving more and more toward the benefits of Bikram yoga after a brief visit to a local studio. I found that the addition of heat and sweat to the smooth movements made my middle aged body feel great.

Bikram Yoga is widely known as Hot Yoga. Some know it as The Bikram Method. Bikram yoga is derived from Hatha yoga; a healing style designed for the recovery of mind and body. There are many Bikram enthusiasts who have been swear by this system for their recuperation from alcoholism to shingles. Many people have changed their lives after mastering the basic positions.

Bikram Choudhury, the founder of the yoga style was born in Calcutta in 1946. Bikram began practicing yoga at the age of four with India's most-renowned physical culturist, Bishnu Ghosh. As a youth, this heavily muscled and vigorous practitioner was very competitive in the exhibition circuit.

Bikram Yoga developed his system after recovering from a leg injury. Some people practice Bikram Yoga for healing purposes and physical therapy. This type of Yoga was proven helpful in bringing health and wellness to many of its practitioners.

In fact, there was a patient who suffered from a knee injury. He tried to practice Bikram Yoga and just six weeks after continuous practice, his knees started to feel better. Some difficulties and pains that he suffered from were all disappearing.

In order to be successful with the healing process of Bikram Yoga, you need devotion in practicing it.

With the help of scientists Bikram Choudhury developed his yoga style. These scientists from the Tokyo University Hospital proved that Bikram Yoga created valid therapeutic results. Some of its benefits include tissue repair and even remedial effects of chronic ailments.

What Bikram was able to produce was a process that replenishes the cells of the body and the flushed toxins from your body. It also oxygenates blood throughout your body in order to keep it healthy and clean. The scientists were able to validate all the findings.

He discovered that the healing process takes place when all the body's systems are functioning normally. If the subject was weak, applying the practice to produce healing was difficult.

Bikram developed twenty-six posture exercises which were to be practiced daily. The posture exercises focused on stretching the muscles, tendons and ligaments; while stimulating the organs, nerves, and glands.

The series of postures were designed to work in order and to promote specific effects on the body. Once the body returned to its optimum level of stability, healing was much easier to accomplish.

Through contraction and extension, the postures attend to every bodily system including: digestive, respiratory, circulatory, immune, endocrine, lymphatic, skeletal, muscular, and nervous. It stretches and strengthens every single muscle, ligament and joint in the body down to cell membrane stretching.

It is an excellent compliment to all other forms of exercise and sport. Bikram yoga has proven itself effective for more than thirty years.