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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bikram Yoga - Achieving a Fit and Healthy Body

By Jessica Praman and Lucas Rockwood

You can try to do the Bikram Yoga or Hot Yoga, and it will definitely make your body in perfect shape. This exercise is not only limited for your body, but will aid you to have a positive outlook in life as well.

Bikram Yoga or some call it Hot Yoga, is an intense kind of Yoga. This is performed in a hot ventilated room, maybe around 95-100 degrees. Performing this exercise will make you sweat hard. Once you perspire, all toxins of your body will be washed out. Heat will also make your body more flexible, so it will be easier for you to do the different body postures. Bikram Yoga does a lot of benefits to those who engage in this activity.

Yoga, especially Bikram, has been known to be very effective in losing weight. This is because of the natural benefits that it can give to your body. There is no need for taking additional tablets or pills for maintenance. You just have to do it regularly and you can keep your well-shaped body for a long time. Since this Hot Yoga will make you perspire more, then it is an ideal workout for burning more fats and calories. By doing this regularly, you will certainly get lighter and lighter each day.

Bikram Yoga helps your body system, such as digestion, respiration and blood circulation, work effectively. According to experts, bodies that do not undergo in any physical activity have a weaker function on their body systems compared to those who are active. As a result, they have a slower metabolism which causes long storage of the food that they eat. These foods will then accumulate every time they eat and eat. Thus, they get bigger and bigger. A regular bowel movement will help in bringing the weight down.

Heat also gets your muscles stronger and become more elastic. In this manner, you can easily perform breath-taking postures in Yoga. The more you are able to do this, the more you increase your potential in losing weight. The strong muscles will make you survive in doing strenuous activities. Having a weaker body will limit you in completing other physical activities. It is also an indication that you will have lower possibilities in getting a slimmer body.

Bikram Yoga is one way of detoxification. It promotes healthy circulation of fluids in your body. Through this, every organ will most likely be in good shape. Your immune system is at its best performance. You will have lower risk of getting sick. It also means your body can get rid of waste quickly. Through excessive perspiration, it is one way of eradicating unwanted body fluids.

There can still be a lot of benefits you can get out from doing Bikram Yoga. But one essential thing to achieve your goal on keeping fit and healthy is to have a positive attitude. Aside from the physical changes it can do to you, Yoga also encourages willpower and mental strength. No matter how hard you exercise, but you do not set your mind on what you want to attain, everything will be useless. Always remember to practice a positive attitude and perform Yoga on a regular basis. Once you do this, you can surely see the results immediately.