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Friday, August 21, 2009

Dhanurasana Yoga or Bow Pose

Procedure For Doing Dhanurasana or Bow Pose

  • Fold both the legs one by one and catch hold of the respective ankles with the hands, keeping the forehead on floor.

  • Slowly lift & contract the shoulders back.

  • Lift your head up, knee & thigh off the floor, heels away from the hips & toes pointing up.

  • Open up the body to the maximum you can.

  • Look up all the time.

  • To release the pose, bring the knees and thighs together, heels close to the hip, forehead down to the floor.

  • Bring the ankles together one by one.

  • Finally, release the ankles one by one & stretch the legs straight down.

  • The same pose can be transformed into Rocking Bow by pushing the body up and down on the abdomen and into to Rolling Bow by rolling from side to side without keeping the knees and thighs on the floor looking up, turning your head towards the leg up in air.

  • Beginners or people with comparatively less flexible bodies can perform the variation called Ardha Dhanur Asana.

  • Stretch both the arms forward.

  • Fold only one leg, catching hold of the ankle with the same or the opposite hand.

  • Slowly lift the whole body off the floor.

  • Balance on navel and open up the folded leg.

  • Keep heels away from the hips.

  • To relax the pose, release the grip of the ankle.

  • Keep the knee & thigh on the floor.

  • Relax for a while after performing this Asana.

Benefits Of Dhanurasana Yoga or Bow Pose

Persons suffering from heart diseases, high blood pressure, hernia, stomach and bowel ulcers and slipped disc should avoid this asana. This asana strengthens the abdomen, especially around the navel, and the chest muscles. It improves the flexibility of the arms, shoulders, thighs, legs, lower back and abdomen. The spine also becomes healthy and strong. It is good for relieving flatulence, constipation and menstrual irregularities. It also prevents sterility.

Dhanurasana Yoga or Bow Pose Video