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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yoga Clothes - What to Wear For Yoga Class

By Jon Wade

When you practice a yoga workout you should wear a practical and comfortable outfit that suits you well, so that you have enough give to perform the postures without be restrained by the wrong clothes.

For the lower body you can wear clothes that do not restrict your movements such as basic leggings, shorts or yoga pants made mainly from polyester with some elastane. These kind of clothes allow you to move freely and do not get in the way while you are working out.

For safety reasons you should practice yoga on a proper yoga mat in bare feet. This is because the mat provides a good grip for your feet, helping you to keep your balance and stability during the yoga practice. If you wear socks there is an increased risk in losing your balance while practicing standing yoga postures or vinyasas like the Sun Salutation. Shoes can also restrict the movements and flexibility of your feet and ankles. However, if you feel like wearing socks for hygienic reasons, then go for the non-slip socks that are specially designed for yoga, as they provide a better grip for your feet than ordinary socks.

For the top part of the body, if you wear normal short sleeve t-shirt, it is best to tuck it into your pants, in this way it does not flip over in the middle of your workout, when you perform some inverted postures. If you wear long sleeve t-shirt, then check you have enough give for the elbows when you move and bend your arms. If you opt for the yoga vest or tank tops, then just check that it provides enough support for the chest. Also wear a comfortable and well-fitted bra for extra comfort and support. It is best not to wear tops with loose or large open collars, as you may accidentally expose yourself during some forward bend postures.

You should not wear clothes that are too tight as they can restrict the circulation during exercise, nor too loose so that they interfere with the postures.

A good alternative is to wear an one piece unitards for yoga, as it tends to fit well and do not get in your way while you are trying to concentrate on your sun salutations.

For safety reasons avoid wearing dangly jewellery, bangles, watches etc. As they can get caught and cause injury or may get in the way during your workout. Avoid chewing gum too, as it can interfere with the relaxation part of your yoga class.

It is a good idea to try the clothes for the first time before you start your yoga exercises. Check if they allow you to move freely, stretch and bend your arms and legs, twist and turn your hips and torso. If there is no restrictions of movement and you can exercise comfortably, then these are the clothes for you.

Voila! Enjoy yourself and have a good workout.