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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yoga - Unlocking The Doors To Peace Of Mind In A Stress Packed World

By Roland Poitevin

The world as we know it has become so much consumer oriented that competition has become the order of the day. The results of this lifestyle are there for all to see, the confusion that we see in all the systems that are running our current world. Most people live in a really confused state of mind and they are in search of themselves.

And in trying to get solutions, people end up in practices that not only hurt themselves, but the rest of the population and the physical world, making it a vicious cycle whose end we may never get to see. People simply do not know how to deal with their own lives and the amount of stress we have to deal with is simply overwhelming.

This lack of inner peace and balance in life is what actually leads to dis- ease and a lot of despair as people use the wrong ways to try and achieve happiness by any means. The results of this deficiency in inner peace and happiness is well manifested in the way people relate with others as well. There are a few people who have come to learn that the solutions to the challenges of life are not necessarily found on the outside, but need to come from within. It is this search of answers from within, which is filled with simplicity, that Yoga is all about. The solution is to be found in the balance of the body, mind and intelligence.

The sound practitioner of Yoga learns the way in which to deal with internal challenges by focusing on solutions that are already inside of them. They are able to re-awaken an inner awareness that flows inside their systems and in the process this power gets to banish any negative emotions they would be experiencing such as fear, anxiety, pain, misery, and loneliness. The results are a life full of peace, happiness and simplicity.

Any of the modalities of yoga such as Hatha, Bikram Yoga, Ashtanga or Hot Yoga will contribute to your inner peace. Look for yoga classes in your area.