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Monday, February 27, 2012

What Forms of Prenatal Yoga Are Safe During Pregnancy?

If you're pregnant, chances are you're looking for ways to stay healthy and stay in shape until you deliver. But you've probably been told to avoid a litany of exercises that may be harmful for the baby. Pregnancy women have engaged in all kinds of exercises only to eventually give birth to healthy babies, but if you're considering starting any exercise routine it's important to inform your doctor.
One exercise that is helpful for many women is yoga-particularly a form of yoga called restorative yoga that uses props to position the body in certain poses.

Restorative yoga uses blankets, chairs, pillows, walls, blocks, and other items to position the body in the desired pose. This restful yoga differs from sleeping, but does put the body into a deep relaxation during which time they may meditate. It works to relieve stress and the relaxation helps to improve blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and other concerns facing a lot of women during their pregnancy. Many also report a better night's sleep afterwards and an increase in energy levels. If this sounds like something from which you can benefit, inquire with a local health or fertility clinic about its benefits.

Many of these clinics offer classes, while gyms and other establishments provide classes, too. Make sure you inform the instructor that you are pregnant before the class begins. Even if the class is geared towards pregnant women, it might still be worth it to notify the instructor of your trimester and pregnancy week. Women may find that they are encouraged to avoid certain poses as they are farther along in their pregnancy.

Balancing poses should be avoided no matter the type of yoga. Your center of gravity changes as your baby is growing inside of you, which throws off your balance. Do not risk a fall by attempting a balancing pose. Poses that put you upside down should be avoided, as well as those that put you on your stomach. With the various restrictions, it's best to attend a class geared towards pregnant women because the instructors will be well-informed of the types of poses that are safe and unsafe depending on your trimester.

Certain types of yoga should be avoided, however. Specifically, Bikram yoga, or hot yoga, which involves doing yoga in a very hot environment. As with any exercise, talk to your doctor before you begin any program to make sure that it is safe.

Article Source: Arianna Benson, Ezine Articles