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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bhujangasana - Cobra Yoga Pose

Bhujangasana is normally called as Cobra pose. Bhujangasana comes from the Sanskrit word "Bhujanga", which means Cobra. This is one of the most common hatha yoga poses. The Cobra pose is greatly effective as it can relieve certain types of lower back aches as over time it strengthens the lower back.

Procedure for Doing Bhujangasana - Cobra Yoga Pose

  1. Lie face down on the floor. Point the tops of your feet toward the floor and cross your arms in front of your head. Rest your head and take a few relaxing breaths.
  2. Engage your legs. Tighten them and extend them out and away from your body, as though you are trying to touch something with your toes.
  3. Tuck your elbows and place your hands underneath your shoulders. Keeping your elbows bent, inhale as you press your palms into the floor. Lift your chest and extend your head and neck.
  4. Exhale and return to your starting position.
  5. Repeat Steps 2 through 4 for 5 breath cycles, or however long you want. When beginning yoga, always go at your own pace.
  6. End the cobra yoga pose the same way you started, with your head resting on your arms and your entire body elongated and relaxed.

Benefits of Doing Bhujangasana - Cobra Yoga Pose

  • Strengthens the spine
  • Stretches chest and lungs, shoulders, and abdomen
  • Firms the buttocks
  • Stimulates abdominal organs
  • Helps relieve stress and fatigue
  • Opens the heart and lungs

Precautions to be taken while doing Bhujangasana - Cobra Yoga Pose

  • This asana should not be attempted by pregnant women at all cost.
  • A person suffering from Hernia should not practice this pose.
  • If you have seriously injured your back, please avoid this posture or consult your doctor first.

Bhujangasana - Cobra Yoga Pose Video